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Surajpur District

About Surajpur:
Chhattisgarh which is very famous by the name of “Dhaan Ka Katora” has a Tribal majority Division in its Northern Side “Surguja”.Surguja was divided into two more Districts.Out of them was Surajpur, which became the 26th District of the State with its Administrative Headquarter situated at Surajpur which has geographical location at 23.22°N latitude and 82.85°E longitude.It covers a total area of 2786.76 sq km which  accommodates 789043 peoples. Surajpur earlier was known as “Daandbulla” which was later termed as “Suryapur” and now appears as “Surajpur” in its latest form.The archaeology, art and architecture of Surajpur is very famous for its religious importance.

General Boundaries:
Surajpur District shares its boundaries with Balrampur District in the East, Surguja District in South-East, Korba district in South and Koriya District in the West.It also touches the boundary of Singrauli District in Madhya Pradesh in the North side.

The Climate of Surajpur district is classified as warm and temperate.Winter Season generally ranges from the month of November to February. Surajpur is among one of the coldest district in the state.The temperature can fall upto 2 degrees centigrade in winters .The month of December and January brings a rainfall which occurs due to the western disturbances in the Bay of Bengal.The Summer Season on the other hand  continues from the month of march to June and as the Tropic of Cancer line passes through central India, the temperature rises even up to 46 degrees centigrade. The major contribution of the rainfall comes from South Western disturbances in Arabian sea which accounts for 1000-1050 mm of rainfall in the region.

Surajpur District as a whole consists of six Tehsils or Taluka namely Surajpur,Odagi,Bhaiyathan,Pratappur,PremNagar and Ramanujnagar.A detailed information is available in the below table.

Taluka Area (Sq.Km) No of GramPanchayat No of Villages Population % of Literacy Sex Ratio
Pratappur 604.17 79 114 150783 47.99 984
Odagi 471.04 64 100 87603 44.80 962
Bhaiya Than 433.6 65 90 131216 53.54 978
Surajpur 575.34 106 121 232411 55.61 978
Ramanuj Nagar 410.63 73 76 122233 50.21 991
Premnagar 291.98 37 46 64797 47.43 988
Total  2,786.68 424 547 789043 51.10 980



Crops and Horticulture:
Agriculture and horticulture have always been an integral part of peoples life dwelling in this district. The practice goes on for the whole year. Main dependency for irrigation remains on Monsoon but that doesnot provide any constraints as canals and pumps fulfill the requirements of water. The abundant grown crops are:
Kharif Crops: Rice, Maize, Sugarcane, Groundnut, Lentils, Ramtil
Rabi Crops : Wheat, Gram, Pea, Mustard, Masoor, Laakh(Tiwda) 

Among the Horticulture Potato and onions are grown on a larger scale.

Surajpur holds a healthy transport system and good connectivity among major cities within the state as well as outside of the state.NH-43 (Gulganj to Chaibasa) passes through the District thereby connecting the peoples with the state of Madhya Pradesh  and Jharkhand.Surajpur has a good Road connectivity to UP through Varanasi.As far as railway connectivity is concerned Ambikapur-Durg express connects Surjapur to other major cities within the states. Nearest Airport to Surajpur is in the State capital Raipur which is connected well both by Roadways as well as Railways.

Among the languages Hindi, Sargujhiya, Khudhku and kodaku are more popular in the region.However people from other states are also  dwelling here hence dialects like Bhojpuri,Bengali,Odiya and others are also heard.

Festivals symbolizes the unity among the peoples and almost all the festivals belonging to different groups of peoples are celebrated with full enthusiasm and joy.However there are many native festivals with different importance are celebrated here among which are: Karma,Khserta, Khani, Sarhul and Dasraha.

Toursist Spots:
The District has many famous religeous places to visit. Among them major places are: Kudargarh,Sarna Dev, Devipur, Shivpur,Khopa and Sarasor. Among tourist spots Rakasganda Fall, Kumeli Fall, Tamor Pingla Wildlife Sanctuary,Rashtrapti Bhavan,Floating Restaurant and Pilkha Kshir are  very famous.