Places of Interest


 Kudargarh is the most famous religious place of the District. It is situated in Odagi block at approximately 45 kms. from the district headquarters . There is a Temple of Goddess Kudargarhi  which is assumed to have been built in the 17th century by cutting the stones. There is belief among the people that the wishes of devotees are fulfilled here and as a result people tie chunari on the trees as a resemblance of their wishes.

There are 15-20 small caves and a big cave too in which old calligraphy and paintings are carved. In between the floral greenery there lies a water fall known as Kapil Dhara, whose height is estimated to be 50-60 feet. Best time to visit Kudargarh is in the month of april when chaitra Navratra is celebrated there.

Tamor Pingla Wildlife Sanctuary:

 The biggest wild life sanctuary “Tamor Pingla” lies in Ramkola village of Surajpur District. This sanctuary derived its name as it lies on the lap of Tamor Hills and Pingla River flows from this Hill. It situated at a distance of approximately 90 Kms. from the district headquarters. The accessible mode of journey is  by road; Nearest  Railway Station is Surajpur.

 The main attractions here at Tamor Pingla are Wild Buffalo, Wild Boars, Sambhar, Asian Elephants, Barking dears and Cheetal. Nearby on the hills lies the Temple of Godess Pingla. A small water stream flows in between the hills which appears very pleasing. Also there is a pond full of colorful fishes which attracts tourists.

Mahamaya Mandir:

Mahamaya Mandir is situated at Devipur which is  4 kms. away from Surajpur. Mahamaya Temple is one of the famous and Oldest temple. People from different Places visit Mahamaya Mandir to worship and now it has become a major Tourist Attraction in Chhattisgarh. The people of Surajpur District have a great faith on Mahamaya devi and during Navratri local people conduct a fair which adds to the attraction of the temple.

The daily free bus service is being provided by the Bhakt mandaly of Surajpur for the pilgrimage and devoties to reach Devipur from Surajpur. A Huge arrangement is made by the Local People and public Authorities as well.


Sarasor is located on the bank of “Mahan Nadi” at a distance of approximately 40 kms. from the district headquarters in Bhaiyathan block.  Mahan nadi can be seen streaming between two hillocks. In between the streams there is a small rocky plain where the Temple of Ram-Sita and Laksman is present. It is believed that during the exile Ram-Sita and Lakshman arrived at this place.This place is a symbol of religious faith and it is also a picnic spot. The only way to go to Sarasaur is by road. The nearest railway stations are Surajpur and Karanji stations

Shivpur Shiva Temple

Shivpur Shiva Temple: Pratappur is 45 KMs away from Ambikapur, village Shivpur is 4 kms from Pratappur. At this temple, big ceremonies are organized on the occasion of Shivaratri and Vasant Panchami

Rakasganda Waterfall

Rakasganda Fall lies in Navgayi village of Odgi Block. Here the water of River Rihand Falls from a staggering 50 feet of height resulting in a fuming aura.This being a very delightful picnic spot attracts a lot of people and is known as Bheda Ghat of Surajpur. Among other water falls Kumeli water fall of Ramanujnagar is very lucrative.