Sub Division & Tehsil

Sub Division:

Districts are divided into Sub Divisions for the effective governance of the district. Surjapur District has been divided into 3 Sub-Divisions. Each Sub Divisions are headed by the officials of either Indian Administrative Services cadre or State Administrative Services cadre and hold the designation of S.D.M. (Sub Divisional Magistrate). It is the duty of the S.D.M. to carry out the order of the collectors faithfully in their respective areas. The SDM has the following sets of functions to perform:

1. Revenue Functions
2. Issuance of Certificates
3. Election work
4. Magisterial Functions
5. Registration of Marriage Certificate
6. Relief and Rehabilitation

Each Sub-division are divided into two or more administrative areas called Tehsils.Tehsil is the basic unit for purposes of general administration, treasury, land revenue, land records and other items of work. It has the closest and widest contact with the rural population. The officer-in-charge of the tehsil is the Tehsildar who belongs to the State Civil Services. He is the principal official in the district administration responsible for actual revenue collector.Nayab Tehsildar are there to assist Tehsildars. In the absence of the Tehsildars, Nayab Tehsildars take charge.

The Division of Surajpur District is as follows:

Sub-Division Tehsil Sub-Tehsil
Surajpur Surajpur Bishrampur
Bhaiyathan Bhaiyathan  Bhatgaon
Pratppur Pratappur