Dugdugi Stone

The wonderful structure of nature is on the hill of Jam Jamari, which is situated at the headquarters of Bhayyathan tehsil. At the top of the mountain there are two parts of stone. When the top stone is moved, it sounds like a drowning sound. In this jungle, Jam Jamari, cow’s cowboy shepherds feed the village’s cattle. In the jungle, they play the drowning stones with their companions. From the sound of this, the whole forest becomes resonant. On the other hand, the villagers are also curious because they are separated from other stones of this stone. There is also the flag stone near this stone where the villagers of the area offer the flag and coconut offerings according to their reverence. The villagers have such a belief that flag Baba fulfills his every charity.

Photo Gallery

  • Stone that makes sound when hit
    डुगडुगी पत्थर
  • Dugdugi Rock At Bhaiyathan
    Dugdugi Rock

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